Tuesday, December 18, 2012

April 17 -"Strategy Execution: Alternative Frameworks and Best Practices"

with Dr. Joseph Ryan

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In this program you will examine:

·        How to reality test your strategy assumptions and structure strategy reviews

·        Ways to identify and manage strategy accelerators

·        Techniques for structuring and launching new strategy initiatives

·        How to sustain a strategic change mindset and build a high performance organization

·        What to include in a 100-day action plan


May 16 -"Achieving Extraordinary Outcomes: Models for Innovative Thinking"

with Dr. Iris Firstenberg

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In this program you will explore:

·        A new metaphor for innovation in the organization: the organization as ‘virtual organism’

·        Traditional planning vs. adaptive planning

·        How to not only survive but thrive on chaos

·        Ways to reduce uncertainty and increase value by learning to ‘visit the future’

·        Some common perceptual obstacles to innovation



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

June 5 - "Normal Isn't Always Healthy: The Link Between Stress and Performance"

 with Bowen White, M.D.

In this session you will:

·         Learn ways to make the stress of your job work for you

·         Explore how to avoid getting sidetracked and overburdened by small concerns

·         Discuss ways to insure that your core values permeate and inform your life and work

·         Learn how you can help make your organization create productive and healthy workplaces

·         Consider what attitude one should take toward mistakes and misbehavior in the workplace